Mini Poll Results

Where We Stand

Do you think race relations in the United States are generally good or generally bad?
  • 38%
  • 62%
Do you think race relations in the St. Louis region are generally good or generally bad?
  • 26%
  • 74%
Do you think race relations in your own community are generally better than in the rest of region, generally worse, or about the same?
  • 44%
  • 10%
  • 45%
    About the same
All in all, are you satisfied or dissatisfied with your own community as a place to live?
  • 84%
  • 16%
Has there ever been a specific instance when you felt discriminated against by the police because of your race or ethnic background?
  • 12%
  • 88%
Do you think the racial makeup of a community's police department should be similar to the racial makeup of that community as a whole, or do you think that's not necessary?
  • 61%
  • 39%
    Not necessary
In general, do you think the criminal justice system is biased in favor of blacks, biased against blacks, or does it generally give blacks fair treatment?
  • 5%
    Biased in favor
  • 60%
    Biased against
  • 35%
    Generally fair
Do you think there will always be a lot of racial prejudice and discrimination in America, or is there real hope of ending it in the long run?
  • 37%
    Will always be a lot
  • 63%
    Real hope of ending it
Do you think young people of all races are generally less prejudiced than older generations?
  • 75%
  • 25%
A Ferguson-specific question: Which source of news told you most about what is going on in Ferguson?
  • 52%
    Local news organizations, like the St. Louis Post-Dispatch and The Riverfront Times
  • 21%
    National news organizations, like CNN
  • 27%
    Citizen journalists using Twitter, livestreams, and other social media platforms