Mini Poll Results

Thank you for (not) smoking

Do you smoke?
Before the 2011 indoor smoking ban was enacted, did you patronize public places (bars, restaurants, etc.) that allowed indoor smoking?
Since the indoor smoking ban was enacted, have you found yourself seeking places where indoor smoking is permitted?
Has the expiration of exemptions to the City’s indoor smoking ban changed the smoking policy in your favorite bar?
Do you believe that some bars in the City of St. Louis will still allow smoking even though the exemptions have expired?
On a level of 1-5, with 1 being “wearing white after Labor Day” and 5 being "the vigilance of meter enforcement," how serious should enforcement be?
As of January 1, Hawaii became the first state to raise its smoking age to 21. Do you think Missouri should follow suit?
Is the price of cigarettes too high or too low in Missouri?
Would you support a substantial increase in the state sales tax charged on cigarettes?
Would your support or opposition to a higher state tax on cigarettes change depending on the dedicated purpose of the additional revenue generated?