Mini Poll Results

Earth Day, Everyday?

Do you celebrate Earth Day?
  • 44%
  • 52%
  • 5%
    I am from another planet and I celebrate its Day instead
How often do you try to be "green" in your habits and choices?
  • 9%
    0-20% of the time
  • 14%
    21-40% of the time
  • 30%
    41-60% of the time
  • 22%
    61-80% of the time
  • 26%
    More than 80% of the time
Do you think the scale in the preceding question gave too little credit to people who try to be "green" some of the time?
  • 34%
  • 67%
    No, 40 – 60% of the time belongs in the middle of the scale. People doing less than that aren't doing their fair share
How do you think St. Louis City ranks on the "green" scale?
  • 2%
    Very green
  • 33%
    Sort of green
  • 50%
  • 14%
    Sort of whatever the opposite of green is
  • 3%
    The opposite of green
How do you think St. Louis City compares on the "green" scale to the rest of the metropolitan region?
  • 31%
    The City does better
  • 54%
    The City does about average
  • 16%
    The City does worse
Are the lights off in the last room you were in?
  • 84%
  • 17%
If your grocery store charged 25 cents for each plastic carrying bag, which of the following would you be most likely to do?
  • 4%
    Pay the money
  • 22%
    Choose free paper bags instead
  • 66%
    Bring my own bags
  • 9%
    Shop at a store that did not charge for plastic bags
Which of the following directions of public policy would you most strongly support?
  • 58%
    Set higher charges and increased fees on un-green practices
  • 43%
    Let people and businesses choose, without penalty or incentive, how green the City of St. Louis will be
Which of the following environmental issues do you think should be top priorities for the City of St. Louis?
  • 46%
    Address air quality issues to reduce ozone and irritating pollutants
  • 32%
    Focus on safe removal of asbestos and lead from our buildings
  • 38%
    Clean up contaminants from former industrial sites
  • 34%
    Engage residents in simple community projects, like the Monarch Butterfly project
  • 22%
    Enable residential chicken coops, goat mowing, and bee keeping
  • 25%
    Restrict automobile traffic in pedestrian areas and major city parks
  • 59%
    Crack down on pollutants added to the Mississippi River
  • 45%
    Address water quality/quantity issues through stormwater measures and conservation
  • 46%
    Enhance recycling services with curbside collection or increased pickup locations
  • 35%
    Have City fleet use cleaner fuels and more efficient practices
  • 48%
    Plant more trees and natural vegetation in City streets and parks
  • 33%
    Address urban heat island with vegetated roofs or painting rooftops white
  • 27%
    Impose and collect fees on plastic bottles or bags
  • 42%
    Incentivize construction of green/high performance buildings and homes
  • 41%
    Rehabilitate existing historic housing stock to be energy and water efficient
  • 45%
    Promote urban agricultural practices such as community gardens and local farms
  • 38%
    Institute environmentally preferable purchasing practices by City government
  • 55%
    Enforce anti-litter and anti-dumping laws and assess substantially higher fines
  • 37%
    Enhance landscaping and beautification effort
  • 52%
    Provide greater alternative transportation options, including mass transit, car pooling, bicycling
  • 34%
    Encourage use of renewable energy or have City purchase renewable energy credits
Will you agree to plant a square yard of milkweed to help sustain the region’s Monarch Butterfly project?
  • 65%
  • 35%