Mini Poll Results

Do Snitches Get Stitches?

Do you believe that it is more difficult for police officers to identify people who commit crimes because of an anti-snitch culture?
  • 93%
  • 7%
How widespread do you think the anti-snitch culture is?
  • 16%
    It is pervasive, in most neighborhoods and for all ages
  • 68%
    It exists in some neighborhoods, but not in all
  • 13%
    It is more likely to be found in the young and old, who believe themselves vulnerable
  • 3%
    Not very. Its extent is exaggerated by public officials, police, and the media
Which of the following do you believe is the most pervasive cause of an anti-snitch culture?
  • 15%
    Mistrust of law enforcement
  • 47%
    Fear of retribution based on personal experience
  • 18%
    Examples of retribution found in television, movies, music
  • 8%
    A general sense of alienation from the wider community
  • 3%
    Willingness to take personal safety into one’s own hands
  • 9%
    A sense that siding with either authorities or criminals is unlikely to improve lives
At which point in a crime would you begin thinking about ending your cooperation with authorities?
  • 4%
    Calling 911
  • 2%
    Waiting for officers to arrive to get them started
  • 0%
    Cooperating in the early stages of an investigation
  • 6%
    Identifying perpetrators anonymously
  • 11%
    Showing up to testify
  • 76%
    I would do all those things without hesitation
Do you believe that the use of rewards for information about violent crimes should be more widespread?
  • 37%
  • 27%
    Yes, because I think that using rewards only occasionally increases the sense that some victims are more important than others
  • 36%
Do you believe that tax dollars should be used to pay rewards for information about violent crimes?
  • 42%
  • 35%
    No, private sources are appropriate
  • 22%
    No rewards should be offered
Do you believe that the use of social media, like Facebook and Twitter, and texting are effective ways to gather more information about violent crimes?
  • 87%
  • 13%
Would you be more likely to share information about a crime if you could do so anonymously using text messages and social media?
  • 59%
  • 41%
Do you believe that, generally, reporters should be required by law to share information learned about violent crimes during the course of their own investigations?
  • 55%
  • 45%
Should schools ban the display of clothing on their campuses that display sentiments that discourage snitching?
  • 74%
  • 26%