Mini Poll Results

The Death Penalty

Do you personally believe that, in general, the death penalty is morally acceptable or morally wrong?
  • 43%
  • 57%
Apart from your opinion about the death penalty, do you believe that method of execution should always be as quick and painless as possible, or do you believe that there are instances in which it is OK that the method is slow and painful?
  • 85%
    Always quick and painless as possible
  • 15%
    Sometimes slow and painful
Which of the following forms of punishment do you consider to be the most humane: the electric chair, the gas chamber, lethal injection, firing squad, or hanging?
  • 2%
    Electric chair
  • 6%
    Gas chamber
  • 74%
    Lethal injection
  • 14%
    Firing squad
  • 4%
If you could choose between the following two approaches, which do you think is the better penalty for murder: the death penalty or life imprisonment with absolutely no possibility of parole?
  • 35%
    Death penalty
  • 65%
    Life imprisonment
Which form of punishment, the death penalty or life imprisonment with no possibility of parole, would you regard as worse for you personally?
  • 39%
    Death penalty
  • 61%
    Life imprisonment
Have recent examples of botched executions changed your mind about capital punishment?
  • 42%
    Was in favor, still in favor
  • 2%
    Was in favor, now against
  • 0%
    Was against, now in favor
  • 55%
    Was against, still against
Should Missouri outlaw the death penalty in all circumstances?
  • 56%
  • 44%