Mini Poll Results

2014 St. Louis Person of the Year: The Final Five

The results have been tabulated for our readers’ selection of the person (or concept) that will bear the title of 2014 St. Louis Person of the Year. After a spirited three weeks of campaigning during which several frequent voters likely injured themselves attempting to stuff the virtual ballot box, announces the 250 (or so) four-feet tall ornamental birthday cakes of the Cakeway to the West art exhibit as 2014 Person of the Year.

The installations, which had their own Twitter account and Facebook page, were placed to mark 200 institutions and places selected by the organizers and 50 more selected by the public. The project, as several voters mentioned in the comments section, inspired St. Louisans to get out and count our blessings.

Congratulations to STL 250 Cakes.​