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Ex-Xmas Trees

The Parks peeps will take your tree after Dec. 26, not before.


Plain old vanilla flu

New Airport/Airline Agreement Reached

A new multi-year agreement between Lambert-St. Louis International Airport and air carriers is designed to increase flight service to St. Louis and fund improvements to the Airport.


Treasurer Larry Williams extends times for NLCS parking downtown.


Federated has named its top two local execs.

Alley Cat

Alley maintenance is more complicated than we thought.

Perfect Gifts

Mayor Slay gives the keynote quote in the 2005 report of the Missouri Child Care Resource & Reference Network.

Our Goal

Mayor Slay reacts to news that St. Louis Blues have signed a letter of intent to sell the franchise and lease.

Katrina Numbers

Dozens of people from the Gulf Coast have checked in with private, City, or State agencies. Here are the important Katrina phone numbers and links.

Pinnacle Ground-Breaking

Mayor Slay used today’s Pinnacle groundbreaking to update us on the region’s preparation to receive Gulf Coast evacuees.

Labor Day

Samuel Gompers said "Labor Day is devoted to no man, living or dead, to no sect, race or nation."

Praise for Shaw

Credit savvy St. Louis Magazine marketer Jessica Carten with knowing her audience.

Prostate Health

An event Downtown today aimed to raise community awareness about prostate health.

Eads Watching

Watch Live on the Levee fireworks from the historic Eads Bridge this weekend.

Country Grammar

Hayrides Will Bring "Country" To Forest Park. You can make reservations after Aug. 22.

Avoid ’Em

It’s the peak time for exposure to West Nile Virus. The Health Commissioner has issued her annual advice on how stay safer.

Fare Weather Friends

Taxi service at Lambert Airport has been less than reliable. People complained. Mayor Slay asked for changes.

Grand Ave. Bridge

Le Corbusier said of another bridge: So pure, so resolute, so regular that here, finally, steel architecture seems to laugh.

Concrete Decision

We’ve gotten several emails from readers lamenting the lack of an outdoor skate park in the City. There’s news about that.

Border Patrol scans the news. Sometimes, it makes us smile.

Siedhoff Responds

Bill Siedhoff, Director of the City’s Department of Human Services, disagrees with a story in the local newspaper.


If we hadn’t slept through our philosophy classes, we’d know what our headline meant.

News from

Meeting News is a source for news and information for the meeting, convention, incentive and trade show professionals . . . and, sometimes, for us.

RAGIPS Announcement

The Gephardt Institute at Washington University has set a date for its Inaugural Opening.

Endorsements has endorsements in the upcoming Metropolis elections.

Silver Screen Comes Downtown

On the same day that the local newspaper reports a slump in ticket sales at movie theaters, we offer a tongue-in-cheek reason why.

Hooked on Fisher

David Fisher moved to St. Louis to direct the Great Rivers Greenway District, an entity approved by the region’s voters to support parks and recreation.

Many Dimensions

We just post the stuff that comes in the mail. We don’t make it up.

CVC Claims Recovery

Since 2000, more than 2,200 new hotel rooms have been built downtown. The CVC believes that more of them are going to be filled this year.

Mayor Slay Weighs In on Boxing

At the Mayor’s request, Alderman Steve Conway will be introducing legislation on Friday that would exempt professional boxing from the City’s entertainment tax

Statement of Mayor Slay

Federal charges have been filed against a St. Louis plumbing inspector. Here’s what Mayor Slay said

Scooped by the Daily Newspaper

OK. So, this space more usually reports the news than repeats it. But, the local daily newspaper recently answered an important question that we’ve had for a while.

Region’s Front Door Spruced Up

You’ve read the other news stories: money is pretty tight at Lambert these days. But, credit Lambert Director Kevin Dolliole with some sense. He knows that most travelers are unimpressed with the airport’s ambience. And he plans to do something about it.

Ordinance 11.18.140

Mayor Francis Slay talked a little trash today. Actually, he talked a lot of trash. It will save City residents money.

For the Birdies?

We hate golf. Mark Twain correctly called it a good walk spoiled. Judging from the numbers of golfers out in Forest Park this past weekend, however, we are in the minority.

New Exhibit at City Museum

The City Museum is a magical world forged of recycled, recovered, and reshaped treasures. It is our favorite place to bring visitors, because it is so much fun watching them struggle with idea that someone built it.

Warm Summer Sun, Shine Kindly Here

Mayor Francis Slay advises us that it’s time for City parents to register their children for the summer camps and recreation programs operated by the Recreation Division.

St. Louis NAACP To Honor 3

Claude Brown, Sr, savvy president emeritus of the Teamsters National Black Caucus, will be one of several people honored at the St. Louis NAACP Annual Salute to Labor Breakfast on June 18.

Urban Bligh

The CVC has announced a visit next year by the HMS Bounty. What next? A replica of the Bastille at Kiener Plaza?

Mayor Slay’s Statement on Cordish

Like most St. Louis baseball fans, I am enjoying every pitch of a season that we all hope ends in the World Series. But, as excited as I am about the Cardinals’ play on the field, I am just as thrilled about what the Cardinals are doing off of the field.

False Alarms Have Costs

Public Safety Director Sam Simon asked us to remind readers that City of St. Louis residents and business owners who own a burglar alarm system have until July 1 to register the system and be in compliance with the City’s new false alarm ordinance.


Feel like running away to Montana? If you do so today, be sure to catch "Explore the Big Sky," the western edition of a familiar show.

Then, Now

Washington Avenue is red-hot. Crime fighting is smart. The Nats are in town and the new Busch Stadium is springing out of the ground. Downtown’s major entertainers are working together to bring visitors to Summer in the City. Dr. Creg Williams has announced ambitious plans for the SLPS. The Election Board is still missing a commissioner. Remember how we got here?

Summer In the City (2005)

“Summer in the City” will be a common marketing theme of many of the groups — the Cardinals, Fair Saint Louis, Laclede’s Landing, the Arch, the riverboats, City Museum, and others — that bring visitors to the City this summer. Their campaign will feature many of the great places to eat, drink, play, and learn in Downtown. And, it will include a new

Head to the Beach . . . in Forest Park

Sand volleyball players can compete in the Steinberg Skating Rink’s first sand volleyball tournament of the summer from 4 pm to midnight on Saturday, June 4.

Walk a Tree?

The St. Louis Department of Parks, Recreation and Forestry is promoting a tree walk. At first, we thought it sounded dull. After all, how far could a tree walk? Then, we read Forester Greg Hayes’ memo.

Mayor to Congress: A Little More "Nation Building" At Home Would Be Great

Congress is not a very happy place for American cities. Too often, the hard choices on domestic spending seem to be made at the expense of urban areas. Looking at the FY2006 federal budget, sharp cuts proposed in three very useful local law enforcement programs would reduce our ability to reduce crime and guard against terrorism. (Keep in mind that funding for these programs has been sharply reduced in prior years

Mayor Slay: Something Fishy about Soulard Market?

Public markets are good things. They create vibrant spaces in which city dwellers can find farm-fresh fruits and veggies, and products generally unavailable in supermarkets. They also create important opportunities for farmers, small vendors, and local craftsmen to display and sell their wares to a wide audience of shoppers.

Superintendent Williams Meets the Crowd, Hits a Home Run

Dr. Creg Williams was introduced to many of the City’s elected and appointed officials at a reception in Mayor Francis Slay’s office yesterday. "His task is formidable: to improve the quality of education our children receive," said Mayor Slay. "I think he is off to a great start."

Hey, Reporters: Eat, Drink, Write Stories

Members of the City’s large Bosnian community plan to meet tomorrow May 18, 2005, with the local media to promote stories about the Annual Bosnian Festival on May 29, 2005.

Mayor Slay Likes Tougher Auto Theft Law

State residents owe a debt of gratitude to State Representative Fred Kratky for his work during the recent legislative session on a bill that makes some important changes in the laws regarding auto theft. On Friday, state lawmakers passed HCS HB 353, which included Rep. Kratky’s tougher new definitions and penalties for the crimes of auto theft, auto tampering, and receiving stolen property.

Mayor Supports Senator’s Lead Safety Legislation

Without much public notice, State Senator Maida Coleman has become one of the state’s strongest advocates for children. Her Senate Bill 95, which was passed by both state legislative chambers last week, helps strengthen our efforts to create a lead-safe environment for our kids.

Mayor Turns Over Old Leaf

Mayor Francis Slay will join volunteers from Operation Brightside, Gateway Greening, and the Parks Department on Friday, May 13, 2005, at 9:00 am, to plant flowers and spread mulch in Kiener Plaza and along the median on Tucker Boulevard.

Design Team Selected to Develop Master Plan for St. Louis Downtown Riverfront

The Great Rivers Greenway District, the public organization that is leading the initiative and providing the funding for a Master Plan for the Downtown St. Louis Riverfront, has announced that The HOK Planning Group and Balmori Associates, Inc. have been chosen to lead the development of the Master Plan. Other members of the Master Plan development team include ABNA Engineering, Moffatt and Nichol, Vector Communications, and CDG Engineers.

Primary Night Remarks

Listening to you; measuring your strong resolve and good intentions, buoyed by your hope and courage, I ran for mayor with a Plan to make us a great city again. And, you elected me four years ago to begin that work. We believed

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