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Posted on 08.06.08
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  • Posted on 08.06.08

Yesterday’s elections gave City voters the chance to leaven a group of dedicated and experienced elected officials with some newer faces, including Tishaura Jones, Michele Kratky, Chris Carter, and Mike Colana. Two of City government’s lions, Larry Williams and Jim Murphy, easily fended off challengers.

The heat held down turn-out, but - as is often the case - there were several examples locally (and statewide) that every vote counts and getting voters to the polls can win elections. The spirited contest between Ms. Jones and April Harris probably influenced the nail-biter between Robin Wright-Jones and Rodney Hubbard.

I offer my best wishes to all the winning candidates and their supporters. I particularly congratulate all the candidates’ families, who will now be more likely to find hot dinners, lawn chores performed, and parental advice proferred. I offer my condolences to the losing campaigns. The boxes of bumper stickers and yard sign frames in the garage will someday be great souvenirs - so don’t throw them away just yet.

To those who participated in yesterday’s election - election workers, candidates, campaign volunteers, and voters - thank you.

I look forward to working with everyone.