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Posted on 11.09.10
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  • Posted on 11.09.10

Thanks to St. Louis Post-Dispatch political reporter Jake Wagman for proving a point I have made a hundred times over the past several months: Asking city voters to vote NO and YES in consecutive elections on the same subject is confusing.

Writing about an April election mandated by statewide passage of Proposition A, Jake noted: "But a citywide vote -- the forte of the mayor's political machine -- is another story. Prop. A calls for St. Louis voters to decide on April 5 if they want to phase out the earnings tax. If city voters say no, the issue will come up again in 5 years; if voters say yes, the tax will be phased out over a period of 10 years."

Actually, that is not accurate.

It is a "yes" vote ("YES, let us maintain the tax that currently generates a third of the city's General Revenue") that I will be asking city voters to make. If city voters say "no," the earnings tax will be repealed.

The City Counselor has sent Jake a note asking for a correction.