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Posted on 11.12.06
  • 2 min read
  • Posted on 11.12.06

The Winston Churchill Apartments, a National Register property at 5435-75 Cabanne, is on the verge of rehabilitation. The City’s Industrial Development Authority approved the final documents for a tax-exempt bond issuance last week. Originally designed as luxury apartments at the turn of the century, the 8-story complex fell on hard times and has been a problem property in its neighborhood for decades. Several developers have tried (unsuccessfully) to rehab the property over the past several years. Now, Laura Burns of Eagle Point Enterprises, based in Maine, has restructured the project as a $12 million development. Laura spearheaded the very successful rehab of another troubled development, the River Bend Apartments on the south riverfront, last year. The problems of the Winston Churchill have been a matter of urgent concern for its neighbors, who live in the newly-built market rate homes and graceful historic residences that surround it. I look forward to Laura’s success.

Meanwhile, residents of the neighborhoods around Kingshighway and Chippewa can watch the progress being made on street enhancements along both sides of Kingshighway for several blocks, both north and south. Gershenson Construction began work early last month. Improvements will include new decorative street lights, new bike racks, new sidewalks and sod, benches at all bus stops that don’t already have seats, news box “corrals” at the busiest intersections, and new street trees and other landscaping. Aldermen Joe Vollmer and Steve Gregali, the Board of Public Service, and SLDC are working together on the project — which is being paid for with special funding secured by former Congressman Dick Gephardt.