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Posted on 10.06.06
  • 1 min read
  • Posted on 10.06.06

Lambert Airport is planning to install an airport-wide public WiFi network in its terminals. Currently, only some American Airlines club members have WiFi access.

WiFi, as most readers of this blog already know, is the term used to describe a certain kind of wireless computer network. WiFi allows people with specially equipped computers to log onto the Internet, check their email, and perform other cyber-chores. WiFi “hotspots” are found these days in some hotels and chain coffee shops, and in more than 100 airports across the country. St. Louis already has a public WiFi network in some Downtown blocks — and the technology department is working on a citywide plan.

There is usually a daily or hourly charge for Internet access through a WiFi network; sometimes, though, there is not. In the case of the system planned for Lambert, a private contractor will pay to install and maintain the system, while the airport will receive both a guaranteed amount of revenue from the deal and a share of the fees that will be charged to users. Both airports in Chicago — and most other airports — also charge for the service.

I’m glad that Lambert Airport is moving in this direction. It is one more small sign of Director Kevin Dolliole’s larger determination to improve travellers’ “holistic” experience at Lambert.