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Posted on 06.28.06
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  • Posted on 06.28.06

School Board member Bill Purdy has picked another public fight with St. Louis Public School Superintendent Creg Williams. That is unfortunate. It is another sign the district is sinking.

The latest Purdy blow-up turns on the assertion that Dr. Williams has instructed the district’s interim chief financial officer to perform some of the duties of the vacant post of district treasurer, without Purdy’s prior knowledge or permission.

Purdy, who had previously complained about the number of senior administrators in the district, calls the apparent double assignment a “challenge to the board’s authority.”

"The superintendent would be wise to recognize that board members are elected by the vote of citizens. It is that same board that hires and evaluates the performance of the superintendent. Superintendents are directly accountable to the board of education and not the other way around," Purdy is quoted as huffing.

It is no secret that I - and a lot of people in our community - trust Dr. Williams and hope that he perseveres here. And it is no secret that Purdy disagrees.

School boards are elected to provide direction. The superintentent is hired to run the district. Not the other way around.