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Posted on 06.09.10
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  • Posted on 06.09.10

I recently asked tweeps (i.e., people in my Twitter time-line) to name the best places to watch the 2010 FIFA World Cup. I promised to tell you what they said.

@Gizellie, stlhellebelle, chzmongerswife, and coreywoodruff suggested Scottish Arms, 8 S. Sarah St

@Truckey suggested Frazer's, 1811 Pestalozzi

@SecondDrafts and chzmongerswife suggested Tigin Pub, 333 Washington Ave

@teri_lehman - suggested Over/Under, 911 Washington Ave

@MaryLNponder, ptotheb3, chzmongerswife, sethteel, and mattharms suggested Amsterdam Tavern, 3175 Morganford

@ND_Tog suggested I catch the matches at the St. Louis Brewers Heritage Festival in Forest Park, while downtownstlouis suggested watching Saturday's matches at the Old Post Office Plaza

@JRad14 suggested (just in time to get edited in) Yemanja Brasil, 2900 Missouri Ave

Several invited me to stop by for a beer. I just might. Go, USA! And thanks for the suggestions