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Posted on 11.07.06
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  • Posted on 11.07.06

As most readers of this blog head to the polls today to register opinions that could change the direction of the country and improve the lives of our neighbors, I would like us all to be vigilant for voter fraud — not just for the near-mythical voter impersonator, but also for the much more common voter intimidator.

Every eligible voter has the right to cast a ballot and to have it counted. Every barrier — physical or emotional — placed between an eligible voter and the ballot box is illegal. And there remain plenty of such barriers.

The Election Board and its cadre of poll workers have gotten better over the past couple of years, but there is still plenty of room for improvement.

  • If you get to the polls and find anyone — election official, poll worker, or campaigner — harassing, hindering, or discouraging a voter from casting a ballot, do something about it. Notify a polling place supervisor, the Election Board, the police department, or my office right away.

  • If you find a polling place that is inaccessible to some voters, locked, dirty, or badly lit, call the Election Board.

  • If you encounter an election official or poll worker who is rude or incompetent, call the Election Board.