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Posted on 08.04.06
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  • Posted on 08.04.06

The tenure of City workers is protected by one of the strongest merit civil service systems in the region. Most City workers respect that public trust and do their jobs well. Some do not.

Those who do not are now getting a strong message: If you try to cheat or steal, you will be caught and prosecuted — now matter where you are on the Table of Organization.

US Attorney Catherine Hanaway, her staff, and the FBI have been invaluable resources in communicating the message. Despite the resources they have committed to initiatives against violent crime and terrorism, the feds have assured us that they will consider seriously every official corruption case we refer to them, and that they will investigate and prosecute when warranted. In return, we will cooperate fully and support a “zero tolerance” policy.

As the result of a recent federal investigation, several civil servants will face discharge from City service and federal criminal prosecution.

Additionally, the Building Division’s plumbing license testing process will now be contracted out, new procedure redundancies will require the approval of more than one inspector, and auditors will conduct more frequent spot inspections to ensure that sewer projects are properly licensed and inspected.