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Posted on 09.30.08
  • 1 min read
  • Posted on 09.30.08

As I was coming in to City Hall this morning, I was greeted by several city employees arriving on their bikes. On the way to work earlier, I had passed dozens of other riders on city streets. I attribute these sightings to the high cost of gas, to the miles of new marked bike lanes we have added to our streets over the past couple of years, and to the increasing popularity of bicycling for exercise, fun, and commuting.

But, more bikes on the roads — particularly downtown and on the busy commuting routes — has increased the potential for more accidents. And fault is pretty much irrelevant when a car hits a bicycle.

I urge motorists to watch for bicyclists — and to share the road. Expect to see them.

I urge bicyclists to follow the traffic laws, wear reflective clothing, use lights, and wear helmets. Especially, wear the helmets.

I don’t have the kind of daily schedule that would let me bike to work. But, if the weather stays this nice a while longer, you might find me along the River Des Peres Trail on a Saturday morning soon. I’ll have a helmet on.