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Posted on 02.11.08
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  • Posted on 02.11.08

Three recent newspaper items about the Highway 40/I-64 closure caught my attention.

The first, from an earnest letter writer urged bicyclists to stay off convenient - but now busier - streets like Clayton and Conway because drivers unfamiliar with these routes might run into them. The writer encouraged bikers (and joggers) to find “suitable, safer alternatives.” As far as I’m concerned, the concept of “share the road” requires all travelers, especially those in 4,000 pound cars, to exercise enough caution not to cause accidents - and not to run over people.

The second item noted some transportation officials’ surprise that some well-routed, well-timed, and well-maintained Metro buses were attracting plenty of new riders. Hopefully, the State of Missouri is learning the value of investing in clean, safe, and efficient public transit.

The third, from highway officials, noted that some commuters were falling back into the habit of commuting during the traditional rush hours. They - and our own streets officials - believe that choosing earlier and later times to travel is central to the success of the detours over the next two years. Leave earlier or leave later; car pool or take Metro; walk or ride your bike. We are doing well so far. But, we cannot return to old habits and expect new results.