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Posted on 02.14.06
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  • Posted on 02.14.06

A man was killed and his wife was seriously injured yesterday.

All of the men responsible for this horrible tragedy had criminal records. They were also carrying a gun, which they fired at police. One of the three had served time in the state penitentiary for first degree assault and armed criminal action. They were dangerous men.

The vast majority of City neighborhoods are safe. But, if we want all of them to be safe, some things must change.

A relatively small number of criminals are responsible for a large number of crimes. City police arrest the same offenders over and over again. The revolving door of justice must end.

In a matter of weeks, I expect to unveil an anti-crime plan. We will do everything we can to make the City safer. But, we will need the State and the judges to do their jobs as well.

  • The state cannot keep paroling dangerous inmates and sending them into our neighborhoods with no ability to make an honest living. The state should commit to a strong prisoner re-entry program and more supervision of convicts on parole or probation. Both will reduce crime and save the state money.

  • Our judges must consider what is best for our neighborhoods when they sentence dangerous criminals.

  • We have to get guns off of the streets. There are too many. And too many people are too quick to use them.