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Posted on 04.02.06
  • 1 min read
  • Posted on 04.02.06

When Tom Reeves took the helm at Downtown Now!, downtown St. Louis was sliding. Businesses were leaving the City and empty warehouses along Washington Avenue were sheltering and breeding pigeons. Too little was being done to address either trend.

Now, billions of dollars are being invested; new businesses are locating Downtown; current businesses are renewing leases and expanding; and new residents, including some empty nesters, are displacing the pigeons in dozens of new loft projects.

A lot of the credit for this renaissance belongs to Tom. His leadership and his skill at building teams reassured Downtown’s veterans and encouraged new people to invest here.

I look forward to working with Tom in his new capacity at Pulaski. You can never know too many bankers — and I already have Tom’s phone numbers at the bank in my speed dial.