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Posted on 05.08.06
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  • Posted on 05.08.06

The Missouri Corn Growers Association seem like nice enough people. They’re the trade group for people and companies that grow corn in the state. Their hope is that lots of people buy local corn.

There isn’t a lot of corn grown in the City. But, the CGA has caught my attention. They have erected several billboards showing a homegrown farmer standing in a corn field and a picture of the late Saudi Arabian monarch, King Fahd. A line between the two asks: “Who would you rather buy your gas from?”

The purpose of the billboards - say their sponsor - is to call attention to state legislation that would require all gas sold in Missouri to contain 10 percent ethanol. Since ethanol can be made from corn, the corn folks support the bill.

I support the use of alternative energies. I like corn. I think the billboards, though, are offensive.