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Posted on 01.27.06
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  • Posted on 01.27.06

I picked up a copy of a US Conference of Mayors publication about mayors and school districts. St. Louis was one of the districts featured.

I liked the summary graphic that accompanied the article.

Five reasons why Mayor Slay got involved in education:

1. The kids
2. A more productive workforce
3. Stronger neighborhoods
4. Crime reduction
5. Replicate good schools and programs

Five things Mayor Slay did not plan for:

1. Amnesia. News media forgot how bad things were before reform started
2. District management was weaker than we thought
3. District was insolvent
4. Far too many adults were more concerned about themselves than the kids
5. Unpopular decisions that benefit children put school board reform slate at risk at election time

That’s three years experience summarized in ten bullet points.