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Posted on 11.24.10
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  • Posted on 11.24.10

Thanksgiving is a good time to count blessings.

We live in a city of great neighborhoods. Their scale means that we share a thousand things with those who live near us. Unlike more homogeneous and less walkable places, we have opportunities each day to celebrate our diversity.

Our great institutions - arts, sports teams, theaters, museums, libraries, parks - have once again entertained and edified us. We have celebrated some civic successes and weathered some storms.

Our recent challenges have been chances to become more generous, more open-minded, and healthier. And we have risen to many of them, giving generously to campaigns for the United Way and Catholic Charities; openly discussing issues like gender preference, race, and age; and beginning an important discussion about rejoining the county.

It is also true that the past year has been a trying one for many people, with their security of job and home disturbed by economic conditions. The recovery, though now clearer in outline than it was last year, remains ahead.

So, as we pause to enumerate our blessings, we should certainly remember to share them.