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Posted on 12.30.09
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  • Posted on 12.30.09

I agree, again, with Hank Waters, publisher of the Columbia Daily Tribune. Mr. Waters recently editorialized about a proposed state law that would make texting-while-driving illegal for all Missouri drivers. (It is already against the law for MO drivers under the age of 21.)

His conclusion? Like the now nearly ubiquitous seat belt laws, a state law prohibiting texting-while-driving would make a common sense practice a more common behavior. So, he supports such a law.

Any activity that distracts a driver ' adjusting an iPod, applying make-up, eating a sandwich, consulting a GPS ' is dangerous to the driver and to everyone else on the road. Reminding drivers of that fact by prohibiting a widespread activity like texting is going to make some of us a little safer. Nothing wrong with that.