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Posted on 01.01.06
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  • Posted on 01.01.06

The office, unfortunately, doesn’t come with a crystal ball, but some things seem more likely than others. Happy New Year!

10 Predictions for 2006

Major reinvestment in north St. Louis
A drop in auto thefts
Charlie Dooley re-elected
The refurbishment of St. Louis Centre
A pennant at Busch Stadium
The City’s population continues to rise
Widespread usage of the phrase "The Grove"
The sale of the St. Louis Blues and KMOX
First new residential construction in Downtown in decades
The highest-ever attendance at Mardi Gras, Fair St. Louis, and Live on the Levee

Honorable mentions

The re-election of Darnetta Clinkscale and the election of Jim Buford
McCaskill beats Talent
No successful aldermanic recalls
Stem Cell Initiative passes
An American Place adds another Mobil star to its rating