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Posted on 03.23.06
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  • Posted on 03.23.06

After a series of articles about the St. Louis Police Department’s response to victims of rape and sexual assault appeared in the local daily newspaper, I convened a Task Force to review police procedure and practice.

The Task Force has now released some important recommendations to improve the way we help victims of sexual assault. Chief Mokwa has agreed to work with the City, the medical community, and the Task Force to implement the recommendations. My office will work with both the Chief and the Task Force to ensure such implementation.

Here is a copy of the Task Force report. And here is a copy of Chief Joe Mokwa’s response to the Task Force response.

The newspaper articles appeared in August.

It is important to note that the members of the Task Force reached a very different set of conclusions about the St. Louis Police Department than the daily newspaper did. Task Force members believe the St. Louis Police Department does a better job of helping victims than virtually every other department with which they interact.

Mayor’s Task Force on Police Response to Victims of Sexual Assault

Lynn Ricci, Attorney
Garnholz & Ricci, LC

Barbara Bennett, Executive Director
Women’s Support & Community Services

Kathleen Hanrahan, Director
YWCA St. Louis Regional Sexual Assault Center

Sylvia Jackson, Executive Director
Women’s Safe House

Dr. Gloria Johnson, Executive Director
Life Source Consultants

Lynn Rothbarth, Executive Director
Legal Advocates for Abused Women

Kathleen Tofall, Executive Director
St. Louis Circuit Attorney Victim Services