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Posted on 12.22.08
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  • Posted on 12.22.08

Every December, I face one of the most difficult decisions of the year. From the dozens of entries submitted to my office, my staff presents me with ten drawings made by City grade school students, one of which will be on my annual Christmas card. I have to choose which one.

Each drawing is creative. The artist’s skill and purpose are clear. The decision probably means smiles for some; disappointment for others. Am I preparing the youngsters for life, or am I introducing an element of unnecessary competition into the holiday?

Whatever. All the kids got cookies and drawing pencils.

Here in this picture by Gentry W. Trotter are (left to right) grand prize winner Jacquarter Harbert, age 8, who attends third grade at Clay School; me; and first runner-up Uriah S. Young, age 7, who attends 3rd grade at Mann eMints Academy.

If you are on my campaign’s list, you’ll get a copy of the card in the mail — with my Season’s Greetings.