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Posted on 11.05.06
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  • Posted on 11.05.06

Like most of you, I get my news from lots of different places: TV, radio, national news magazines, Internet news sites, blogs, and newspapers. Often, my news’ genesis is a complicated combination — like, reading the newspaper’s editorials on-line or watching TV news videos on my computer.

With so many different sources of news delivered in so many different ways, I usually can’t remember where I read, heard, or saw a particular item.

There is, however, an exception. The St. Louis Suburban Journal newspapers report local news in a calm, distinct voice. And if the story covered something that is only a street long or block wide, I almost certainly saw it in the Sub Journal.

For those of you who live in the few St. Louis neighborhoods in which the Sub Journal is not thrown, there’s some great news: you can now read the whole paper on-line. Until recently, only some stories were on-line and readers had to navigate through the larger and more complicated Post-Dispatch website. Now, the access is direct.

Here’s the new direct link.

Thanks, Jim Merkel, for the tip.