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Posted on 02.20.10
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  • Posted on 02.20.10

You have probably heard or read about a letter to the president of the Police Board from St. Louis Police Chief Dan Isom. Chief Isom outlined an instance of inappropriate conduct by a sitting commissioner and referred to another instance of such behavior by the same commissioner. This is not the only instance of inappropriate behavior by police commissioners appointed by governors. However, it is one that has caught the attention of the public and it comes at a moment when the arcane and archaic governance of St. Louis Police Department is being seriously reconsidered by the Missouri General Assembly and the St. Louis Board of Aldermen.

Chief Isom is absolutely correct in calling attention to this matter and in asking the president of the Police Board to address it. The president has referred the matter to the governor, who selects (and removes) commissioners. The matter now sits with the governor.

I stand firmly with Chief Isom. I do not agree that bringing the matter to the president's attention was "presumptuous'? and I believe the chief’s account was accurate. I hope the governor, who has yet to fill a vacancy on the Police Board, does also.