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Posted on 10.10.08
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  • Posted on 10.10.08

I received an email from a regular reader today complaining that this blog seems to be "biased" in favor of the presidential candidacy of Senator Barack Obama.

It is.

I have endorsed Sen. Obama and I will do whatever I can to ensure his victory in November.

As I speak at meetings across the City, here’s what I remind people: Senator Obama offers us the best chance to get our country back on the right track and to continue our City’s revitalization.

During most of the past eight years, the federal government in Washington has been preoccupied with matters pretty distant from the needs and concerns of the residents of most of our neighborhoods.

This has required us to allocate more money to help people with their skyrocketing energy bills; to create a safety net to provide health care to tens of thousands of our citizens who do not have insurance; to train more people for new careers so they can raise their families; and to keep people in their own homes during the credit freeze.

We want to do more. But, our ability to help is limited by the thousand other things a city must do and by the size of our tax base.

So, we need a President who knows and cares about the problems of cities like ours.

That’s Barack Obama.

That’s my bias.