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Posted on 04.14.06
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  • Posted on 04.14.06

Regular readers already know my opinion about a judicial system that releases criminals about as fast as the City’s police officers can catch them.

Here are some phrases from a recent police report that caught my eye:

. . .an extensive criminal history which includes 55 felony convictions and 20 misdemeanor arrests with 4 convictions.

. . . found to have a capias warrant for Probation Violation and 2 fugitive wanteds from St. Louis County for Stealing of a Motor Vehicle and Tampering 2nd. During the St. Louis County incidents, [he] stole their Bait Car and also was a passenger in the stolen car. [He] has been arrested by the Task Force on two separate occasions for Tampering 1st. He is currently on Probation for one of those cases.

And, in a report detailing the arrests and noting the prior criminal records of a different duo of suspects:

Dates of Birth: 11-16-89 and 10-27-90