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Posted on 03.28.06
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  • Posted on 03.28.06

The facts in a report I recently reviewed are written in that flat prose favored by police officers and fighter pilots: City officers arrested a person they had spotted driving a car reported taken in a carjacking.

Even through the understatement, though, the simple facts are frightening.

The person the police stopped was in his late 20s. The officers — members of the Anti-Crime Task Force — knew him. He had been charged with felony crimes 26 times before and had been convicted of a dozen of them.

This time, he fled when police approached him. When they caught up to him, they discovered that he was armed with a loaded Intratech Tech 9 automatic pistol, which he was struggling to remove from a bag. The officers subdued him with a taser.

A comment added to the top of the report I read said: “Hopefully, we’ll be able to keep him in jail a bit longer this time.”

Do judges read this blog?