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Posted on 07.25.06
  • 2 min read
  • Posted on 07.25.06

I don’t usually read every line of all the paperwork a City our size generates, but it did catch my eye today that one of our newest licensed businesses is a "reptile breeder." That company joins a variety of others — a cleaning company, a couple of design firms, some general contractors/painters, and several restaurants — who have sought help recently from the Business Assistance Center.


Balke Brown now has an option on the vacant Skyline Steel site at North Broadway and Prescott. They are proposing to build 370,000 sq. ft. of high-bay multi-tenant light industrial and warehouse space on the site. Balke Brown’s interest in this development is an indication of the significant demand for modern light industrial and warehouse space in the City. American Beverage is one of the companies that is contemplating expansion in the City.

And, this note from Barb Geisman: The Planning Commission has approved the rezoning of 4525 N. Euclid and 4500 N. Euclid in the Mark Twain neighborhood from the “K—Unrestricted” to “D—Multiple Family” zoning classification. This area was designated an “Opportunity Area” in the Strategic Land Use Plan, and the rezoning is intended to encourage moderate density residential development in this area, rather than the “anything goes” kind of development permitted by the K—Unrestricted classification. Zoning changes that protect the development potential of key areas and promote a positive vision are important to securing the brightest possible futures for our neighborhoods.