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Posted on 08.26.14
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  • Posted on 08.26.14

For nearly 50 years, leaders from six Missouri counties (including the City of St. Louis) and four Illinois counties have worked together to respond to and solve the most complex criminal cases affecting this community. They formed the Major Case Squad of Greater St. Louis, an inter-agency task force able to mobilize up to 400 personnel on short notice.

In September, the Regional Justice Information Service (REJIS) will celebrate the 40th anniversary of its founding by the City of St. Louis and St. Louis County as a shared regional data base of law enforcement and judicial information.

The Major Case Squad and REJIS are regional operations overseen by a combination of private sector civilians and government and law enforcement professionals.

Building on those examples, I wonder if it is time to consider a regional approach to civilian oversight of policing?

The police shooting and tragic death of Michael Brown calls for a response that crosses municipal boundaries. We help each other in many ways. Why not this one?

The Young Citizens Council of St. Louis has proposed a regional approach. They might just be right.