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Posted on 08.23.06
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  • Posted on 08.23.06

The Joplin Globe, a daily newspaper in southwestern Missouri, recently suggested that the state convene a “residents’ commission” to consider some interesting topics: the size and structure of the state legislature; the effectiveness and cost of duplicated county services, particularly in rural areas; and the feasibility of consolidating the governance some public school districts.

They wrote:

Missouri’s tax resources are increasing as the national economy pumps up and as steps taken by state government make this state friendlier to business growth and expansion. But there is always room for improving government and saving a few tax dollars here or there. What would be gained by taxpayers, for instance, if some counties and school districts were consolidated or the size of the Legislature cut? Maybe nothing. We’re not endorsing any consolidation plans, only suggesting that the time seems ripe for a grass-roots commission to examine such possibilities and offer conclusions as an ongoing effort to streamline government at every level and improve the delivery of services.

Working to make government efficient is something we’re trying do every day in City government through CityView. And, going a step further, there’s an on-going study of our management staffing to look for duplications.

But, it’s interesting to read that reform is not just an urban appetite.