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Posted on 01.05.06
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  • Posted on 01.05.06

A group inspired by a small political party has demanded that the City of St. Louis convince Congress, President George Bush, and millions of motorists to redirect the funds spent on maintaining and building roads and bridges to eradicate lead paint. Until we do that, the group will continue to give us all failing grades.

I like their spirit. Protecting children in older cities from dangerous levels of lead is one of our most important urban challenges. But, I am constrained by reality.

That’s why the City — with the noteworthy help of US Senator Kit Bond and his Congressional colleagues — has created, and is carrying out, a community-based plan to make as many places lead safe for children as quickly as we can — and to teach parents, doctors, teachers, social workers, real estate agents, builders, editorial writers, community groups, and the children themselves to help us. I believe that we can end lead poisoning as a problem by the end of the decade — a little earlier if we worked together, instead of pointing fingers.

Here’s a link to our efforts.