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Posted on 04.05.06
  • 1 min read
  • Posted on 04.05.06

If you are driving past the former Pet Building downtown, look up. There’s a sign on the building that attracting some attention.

Developers of the new Pointe 400 building have hung a large temporary sign on the façade that reads: Take Me Out Of The Rat Race. The mention of rodents — and a likely unfamiliarity with the phrase “rat race” — has prompted citizen complaints about an allegedly unflattering portrayal of urban living.

Leaving aside the possibility that the banner violates a City ordinance for its relative size, I have no problem with the sign’s message. I think Pointe 400 would be a great place to live high above the bustle of a busy downtown. In my book, "great place" and "busy downtown" are a couple of good messages.