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Posted on 11.03.06
  • 2 min read
  • Posted on 11.03.06

Over past couple of months, I’ve used this forum occasionally to urge you to vote for some particular issues and candidates next Tuesday — among them, passage of Constitutional Amendments 2 and 3 (which have to do with new cigarette tax, Missouri Proposition P (which will use an increased local sales tax to fund recreation programs and centers); and my friend Claire McCaskill’s election to the US Senate.

Today, though, I want to make a different point. Regardless of your positions on these (and other) issues and candidates, it is very important that eligible voters in St. Louis go to the polls on November 7.

Lawmakers and policy setters in Jefferson City keep track of all sorts of things. The City’s growing residential population, new housing construction, revitalizing downtown, ethnic and cultural diversity, and productive use of the state’s economic development tax credit programs have attracted their attention. We are hardly the place “where nobody wants to live anymore.” And our renaissance makes it much less likely that our urban agenda gets ignored in the Missouri General Assembly and the halls of the Jefferson City bureaucracies.

But, to strengthen our case even further, we need to get out and vote. An urban electorate that shows up at the polls will catch a lot of attention — some of it nervous and all of it to our benefit. The word will spread that the City votes — and that’s a powerful tool in Jeff City.

Showing up to vote on Tuesday, November 7 — and bringing your friends and neighbors with you — is probably the most pro-City thing you’ll do this year — regardless of your positions on the issues and candidates.

Please plan now to take the time to vote on Tuesday.