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Posted on 07.19.06
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  • Posted on 07.19.06

Some of the state’s most at-risk children could benefit from new regulations issued by the Missouri Department of Social Services. The new regulations will allow gays to be licensed as foster parents. The new regulations follow a judge’s ruling that a Kansas City resident could apply for a foster parent license and Gov. Matt Blunt’s signature on a new law that repeals language outlawing homosexuality in Missouri.

This is generally good news for children in the state system waiting for well-qualified and attentive foster parents.

However, one aspect of the new regulations is troubling. According to the Kansas City Star: in the past, the department’s policy was to deny foster-parent licenses to gays, but it did not routinely ask applicants whether they were homosexual. The department’s new policy will be to ask prospective foster parents if they are gay.