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Posted on 10.02.06
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  • Posted on 10.02.06

I am glad that the St. Louis Post-Dispatch has come around on the proposed extension of the BJC lease. The paper’s Sunday editorial will be re-read throughout City Hall today and its central argument - that the proposed lease terms are good for Forest Park and good for a vital corporate employer and service-provider - will probably nudge an elected official or two in the right direction.

Since the daily newspaper has found a reasonable, pro-City voice, here are some suggestions for additional editorials.

A pair of great parks in north St. Louis (O’Fallon and Fairgrounds) and two in south St. Louis (Wilmore and Carondelet) are wonderful urban parks that draw visitors from throughout the region. They are closer to the residents of north and south county than is Forest Park. They, too (along with Tower Grove Park in the central corridor), deserve editorial boosters and calls for their own dedicated regional tax bases.

Similarly, the City’s badly dilapidated recreation centers require improvements at least as urgently as Forest Park needs maintenance. A couple of persuasive Sunday editorials would be welcome before the November 7 Election in which City voters will consider Proposition P to build two new rec centers and upgrade five existing ones.

Forest Park is the region’s crown jewel. But, improving our other parks and our recreation centers is just as important.