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Posted on 05.12.10
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  • Posted on 05.12.10

Fans of the St. Louis Rams can agree about plenty of things. The team needs better players, more wins. The team should have strong management and creative coaching. The team has to field a great quarterback behind an offensive line of All-Pros. And the team has to stay in St. Louis, by preference in the Edward Jones Dome rather than in a new stadium.

What we have not yet agreed on is who ought to own the Rams next season.

Yes, I know that no one has asked any of us, nor will they. The decision will be made by others: the current majority owners, the financial community, and the NFL's other owners. But, part of the fun of a hometown franchise is armchair quarterbacking.

Two potential new majority owners have emerged. One is a familiar billionaire face with generally unknown, but demonstrably successful, views. The other is an unfamiliar very, very rich face with widely known, but generally untested, views. If both men agreed to the Wish List in the first paragraph, I (speaking as a single fan, not as Officialdom) think I'd pick the tested billionaire owner. Or his billionaire wife, billionaire offspring, or other face-saving arrangement (short of swapping teams with the owner of the Broncos) that satisfies the inconsistently applied no-cross-ownership-in-the-same market-as-another-owner rule.

What do you think?