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Posted on 03.24.10
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  • Posted on 03.24.10

My office has informed me that a St. Louis police officer, David Haynes, was killed Wednesday morning while on the job.

Police Chief Dan Isom and the department are still gathering details, but it appears that Officer Haynes was attempting to stop a suspected burglar's vehicle when his patrol car was hit by other cars.

Police officers have jobs that change from tedious to terrible in moments faster than the blink of an eye. This deadly event reminds us of that and of the debt of gratitude we owe them for their service. Officer Haynes was taken from his family and his neighborhood far too early. What could we have done to have him still among us? What can we do now to make it less likely that something like this will happen again?

I will keep the officer's family in my thoughts. I wish that I could be there to support his family and his fellow police officers.