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Posted on 10.25.08
  • 2 min read
  • Posted on 10.25.08

Over the next several days, all City voters should receive in the mail an official Notice of Election from the St. Louis Board of Election Commissioners. The card confirms their voter registration and contains plenty of important information, including the address of their polling places, the hours of the election, clarification of the ID rules, and a telephone number to use for further information.

For the first time, the City’s voter Notice also includes a sample ballot — a preview of what City voters will find when they get to the polls. This, like its recruitment of more than 150 election specialists to serve at polling places, is a smart step by the vastly improved City Election Board.

This year’s ballot is a relatively long one and turn-out is expected to be strong citywide. While some lines to vote are inevitable, election officials say that the wait will be shorter if City voters do some commonsense things.

•Check your registration before you leave for the polls at www.stlelections.com
•Go to the correct polling place
•Choose off-peak hours to vote, if possible
•Review the sample ballot and try to make up your mind on as many candidates and issues as possible before you arrive

To those suggestions offered by the Election Board, I add my own. Be patient and be determined. The things at stake in this year’s election — for the country, the state, and the City — are very high. Some statewide races are likely to be determined by only a few different votes. It is very important that you cast a ballot this year. Do not let long lines or confused polling place officials dissuade you from voting. If you are correctly registered, you have the right to vote. Insist on it. Patiently, politely.