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Posted on 10.18.06
  • 1 min read
  • Posted on 10.18.06

The decision by Missouri’s Supreme Court that the state’s new voter ID law was unconstitutional was the correct one. The law effectively disenfranchised thousands of older and poorer Missourians.

If state lawmakers are inclined to work on a new law, here are some things they should consider:

  • No voter ID law should make it more difficult — or more expensive — for eligible voters to cast ballots. Getting a voter ID should be cost-free and easy

  • Any voter ID law should also address other potential sources of vote problems, including fraud during voter registration drives; intimidation during the absentee voting period; the security and accuracy of new voting technologies; the condition of voter registration lists; the training given to state, local, and temporary election officials; and early voting

  • Any voter ID law should be implemented with plenty of time and opportunity for eligible voters to get the required credentials