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Posted on 07.13.08
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  • Posted on 07.13.08

From its introduction back in the 1870s, Budweiser beer has always been marketed with the name of our city. Bud’s very first slogan included the words “this beer is brewed in St. Louis.” All of its ads today still make the same association.

That will not change with the news tonight that the directors of Anheuser-Busch have voted to accept an offer from international brewer InBev to purchase A-B’s shares. Tomorrow, next week, next year, and — according to InBev — into the future, Budweiser and St. Louis will remain linked by the thousand bonds that history, bricks, preferences, and generations of brewery families can forge. And just as they do today, the other breweries that produce Budweiser beer will spare no effort to make sure the water to which they add the “choicest hops, best barley and rice” tastes just like St. Louis water — so that every Bud everywhere tastes the same.

Tomorrow, next week, next year, and into the future, I plan to work with A-B and InBev’s Carlos Brito and his executives to ensure that the transition that merges two great companies means a strong corporate citizen down on Pestalozzi Street — and a great employer for thousands of St. Louisans.

There may be a new King of Beers, but it will still be brewed in St. Louis.