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Posted on 08.27.08
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  • Posted on 08.27.08

Drury Inn Development has been talking to neighbors about a plan to build a pair of hotel towers on the corner of Kingshighway and Highway 40/I-64. It is fair to say that some of the neighbors are less than enthusiastic about the project.

Part of the high-profile site is currently owned by the Missouri Department of Transportation; the rest, by private owners. MoDOT is currently studying whether it can sell the property — land no longer needed for Highway 40/I-64 — to a private company.

Charlie Drury is a great St. Louis booster who builds nice, successful hotels. If he proceeds with this project, I hope for a thoughtful design that takes good advantage of its prominent location. However, Drury Development should know that the company cannot expect a public subsidy for a hotel so close to others or my support for the use of eminent domain at this location.