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Posted on 08.16.06
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  • Posted on 08.16.06

One of the most interesting findings of a new US Census analysis is in where new immigrants are coming to live.

The largest numbers of immigrants are still drawn to states like California, Florida, New York, and Texas, which have always attracted new Americans. But, the Census data also suggests that states like Georgia and Missouri, not always the expected destinations for contemporary immigration, are also becoming important new magnets.

Most responsible studies conclude that these populations of new Americans contribute far more to national and local economies than they take out.

The City, itself the product of successive waves of immigrants, welcomes their energy and diversity. New St. Louisans from Bosnia and Somalia have already stabilized neighborhoods, created hundreds of new businesses, and enriched our cuisine. Now, new residents from several Spanish-speaking countries are settling in to homes and businesses here.

With school scheduled to begin soon, I remind St. Louis public school administrators that all children, regardless of citizenship status, are eligible for a free public education.