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Posted on 11.29.08
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  • Posted on 11.29.08

With the opening of the new downtown transportation center here and some planned rail and signal improvements across the state, Amtrak and the Missouri Department of Transportation are looking for some new names for the trains that run a couple of times a day between St. Louis and Kansas City. The trains are currently called "The Ann Rutledge" and the "Missouri Mules." The new name for the passenger train service will be selected in a multi-part statewide contest.

Can you think of some apt names? If so, you can submit them here.

I suspect that Missouri Lt. Governor Peter Kinder would veto the “Missouri Democratic Sweep” running between the state’s two blue capitals, and the Kansas City Star would probably object to the “St. Louis Post-Dispatch” rolling into the Amtrak station on Main Street. Fans who inexplicably endure the designated hitter rule would probably refuse to ride the "St. Louis Cardinal" to Jefferson City. And there is a pretty good chance that the "St. Louis Ram" would be stopped on a golf course most Januarys. The CAFO lobbyists and the state’s most literate school kids would probably support the "Hogwarts Express," but school officials in Webb City, MO — who have reportedly banished three of J.K. Rowling’s books — might not.

Keeping the old names might not be such a bad idea after all.