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Posted on 10.13.06
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  • Posted on 10.13.06

Kurt Warner, the ex-Rams MVP who now plays for an Arizona football team, told the Associated Press on Thursday that he is considering retiring from pro football when the season is over. After two Super Bowl appearances, Kurt seems uninterested playing as a backup quarterback for a team that last won the NFL championship before he was born.

"Definitely I’m thinking about my next step and what’s best for me and all those things," Kurt told the wire service.

Given his and Brenda Warner’s demonstrated interest in St. Louis and my own plans to expand after school opportunities for the City’s children and add recreational programs for all City residents, I think I have jobs next year for both Warners.

On Tuesday, November 7th, City voters will consider Proposition P to allow a small increase in the sales tax that will fund construction of two new recreation complexes and the refurbishment of existing rec centers. With or without the Warners, I hope voters will support Prop P. And, with or without Prop P, I hope Kurt and Brenda Warner will come home to St. Louis.