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Posted on 10.31.06
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  • Posted on 10.31.06

I first told you about this in August.

Tomorrow, the Board of Aldermen’s Housing, Urban Development and Zoning Committee is scheduled to hear a Board Bill approving the development plan for the City’s first MoDESA project and authorizing me to apply for state funding.

Our first MoDESA application includes a total of eight projects — six private developments and two public works projects.

The private projects — St. Louis Center, Dillard’s, the Arcade Building, the Mercantile Library Complex, and the Jefferson Arms by The Pyramid Companies; and the Park Pacific Development by the Lawrence Group — will generate state MoDESA funding to pay for the public projects — street improvements in the downtown core and improvements to the parks that flank Park Pacific.

The cost will be somewhere between $26 -34 million. The specific streets to be improved will be identified after the amount of state MoDESA funding is established.