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Posted on 08.08.08
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  • Posted on 08.08.08

Several reported incidents of violence at and around Metrolink stations require an urgent review of Metro’s security arrangements — and should force changes to its policy of relying almost entirely on private security.

In the short-term, I have asked acting Police Chief Stephen Pollihan to add more patrols at stations that have had trouble; in the long term, Metro’s chief executive, Bob Baer, should be working with police departments along the entire system to keep all stations secure.

One of the many disturbing elements in the recent incidents is a report that throngs of badly intentioned youths from other municipalities have been walking across the city line from University City and threatening customers and employees of stores and restaurants in the Loop’s eastern portion. Joe Edwards, who owns businesses on both ends of the Loop, call the incidents isolated and rare. Rare or not, they are outrageous. Law abiding citizens should be able to come and go, all day and all night, anywhere in the City without worrying about thugs. When they can’t, the police department has work to do. And that is what I have told Chief Pollihan.

At 1:30 today, I will hear the Chief’s plans. At 2:00, you will.